Based in a tiny village, called Bathurst,
south africa

Richard Pullen

Ceramic Artist

About me

Master Potter

-since 1998

Based in a tiny village, called Bathurst, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa

One of the big moments in Richard’s life was discovering clay at the age of 15 during Sculpting class at school. This was a real eureka moment for him. 

Richard went on to study Art & Design at the then Port Elizabeth Technicon, now part of Nelson Mandela University, and set up his successful studio in Bathurst 21 years ago.

Richard is passionate about his materials. He makes all his own glazes and usually his own clays.

Richard Pullen Ceramic Artist

a variety of styles

smokefired vessels




Ceramic Art


Richard Pullen presenting Throwing and Altering Technique at the Bryanston Pottery Studio Johannesburg

workshops and demo's

Learning Together

Richard has presented demonstrations on throwing and altering pieces along with  workshops sharing inside secrets on his exciting smoke firing technique.

Richard Pullen presenting Smoke Firing Workshop McGregor Paul Andrew de Jong Millstone Pottery
Richard Pullen Smoke fired Vessel Bathurst

The art of fire

Smoke fired vessels

This romantic firing technique creates absolutely individual effects on each ceramic piece.

Once made, the still drying vessels are burnished to give them a smooth shiny finish, then bisqued to 900°c. This leaves the body porous and ready to absorb the smoke and vapour. The delicate vessels are then bedded in a mixture of sawdust, seaweed, wood and newspaper – possibly with a sprinkling of salt and copper over all.

The fire is then lit, which smoulders and burns for a number of hours. Once cool the dramatic effects of the smoke and fumes can be seen!

The swirls and shades of colour are entirely determined by the path of flame and smoke over the porous vessels.

The pots are then rinsed off and waxed to a gloss.

Each piece is a wonderful surprise!

Original Ceramics

Diversity of Style

Hand made Tumbler Richard Pullen
Bird Design small plate Richard Pullen

Hand decorated

Smoke Fired Vessel by Richard Pullen

Bird inspirations

Nguni Tumbler Richard Pullen

Rich and Earthy

Award winning ceramics Richard Pullen

Award winning

-1997/ 2015/ 2016 /2019

Perfect gifts

Collectable Ceramics

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