Day 127 of National Lockdown as a Father, Artist and Gardener

I’m back again. It’s been a busy schedule of throwing, glazing and gardening. It’s only in the quiet moments that the thorough isolation of our sleepy village becomes apparent. Although it is easy to worry, we have been blessed by strangers, friends and family. Where possible we have been passing on the love. Thanks for supporting our little family shops.

I enjoy my little village. It has a rhythm all of its own. The sound of cow bells as cows wander by, the lady walking her dogs, the sound of faraway Starlings joyfully feasting. The almost absolute silence as sunset paints itself across an endless canvas.

As we move from the depth of winter towards the summer, my mind begins to think of spring. My vegetable garden is largely at its peak now. The first tender and sweet beetroots are being harvested. A lovely head of broccoli has been harvested. My volunteer tomato is heavy with tomatoes. Soon I will need to dig up the beds to sow again. It’s a good time to dig in the garden. Summers heat has not yet arrived, but plants are beginning to be more productive as they wake up. What a wonderful time of year!

Over the last weeks I have been firing a fair amount of functional wares in order to get commissions to patient clients. Many of these useful items are perfect examples of what I hope to achieve. Beautiful, Useful and of a high technical quality.

At the same time I have been firing some of my more personal pieces where the act of decorating and the resulting story are more important than the function. These pieces are time consuming to finish yet the end results are pleasing. 

A favourite bird with commentary
My best effort as a professional artist of 22 years 🙂

Thanks to friends who have offered kind words when I doubt myself. Your support is very appreciated. All we have in this life is our friends, family and the journey. I hope I can be to others what you are to me.

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