Ceramics in the time of Covid-19 : What would you like to see more of from me?

As with most of you, Covid-19 has changed the shape of my life.

Before the pandemic came to town, I was working towards The Hermanus Clay Exhibition and the National Arts Festival.  I was preparing for 2 Throwing Workshops with different Ceramics South Africa Regional bodies. I worked to keep my studio sales room full. Then along came The Lockdown and many years of plans and preparation are postponed indefinitely.

So, what to do? I used the first two weeks off my studio work schedule to rest and enjoy my family. Family time has been a very valuable and positive part of quarantine for me, an unexpected gem amidst the stones.

I was once an avid vegetable gardener and it’s been most cathartic getting stuck back into the good dirt again. Digging a small vegetable garden allowed me to be active and clear my mind  (with the fantastic side bonus of healthy organic food for my family in the coming months).

A lovely happy garden

Satisfied with this project, I realized that I could no longer outrun my apprehension for technology. With event after event being postponed, and local tourism having ground to a staggering halt, it was time to investigate building a functional website.

Fortunately, The Lockdown provided me with nothing but time, and so my wife and I sat down and began the process of piecing a website together, something which seemed impossible a few short months ago. Having a functional website has been a long-time goal and now I have one!

The website makes us available to our supporters and allows us to continue to share our beautiful and useful ceramics with the world over this difficult period. For me, it’s provided a digital platform to share my true passion – my work, and makes me globally available to both customers (well, it will once we can ship internationally again) and other ceramic artists.

Video editing is another of my new learning projects. I hope to use video to reveal some of my processes to those unfamiliar with “potting”, and maybe inspire others in the sensual and grounding fusion of science and art that is ceramics.

Have a look at my latest video:

What do you think of my second creation?

And in case I needed one more “first” and “learning project” in this time – you’ve just read it!

This is my first blog post.

In many ways it has many similarities to my usual studio work. It is familiar to present a best effort and accept whatever might arrive as a response.

And so, I meander back to the original question… what would you like to see more of from me?

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