French Butter Dish – lime – small


  • Butter capacity:     +/- 125g (about 1/4 of a 500g block of butter)
  • Water capacity:     80ml

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This popular item was introduced into my range due to popular demand!


A wonderful low tech solution to keeping your butter soft, spreadable and on your kitchen counter or dining table.

  • Hard wearing, stoneware impermeable glaze finish
  • Clay is naturally insulating keeping a stable temperature for your butter
  • Clay resists staining and flavour or odour absorption
  • A glazed interior that easily releases foods for quick clean up



  • Simply leave butter out until it is softened, but not too soft (soft enough to bake with, but not melting)
  • Spoon butter into the clean, dry pot lid, while the lower basin part stays in the fridge to cool
  • Remove the Butter dish from the fridge, and pour in about 2cm of cold tap water
  • Place the lid butter side down into the base (this will raise the level of the water up around the lid, sealing it off and keeping the temperature stable)
  • Keep away from heat sources (sun, oven etc.) as this will encourage the butter to melt on the outside and fall into the water
  • Change the water every 2-3 days, to keep fresh
  • Scrape butter out using the flat of the knife to remove evenly, rather than removing chunks with the tip. This will help to ensure the butter has even weight and does not slip from the lid into the water

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