Smoke Fired Vessel


The low temperature smoke firing technique used to acheive these beautiful surfaces does not lend itself to everyday use. They are for display only and cannot hold liquids.

  • 240mm x 140mm diameter

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Every vessel is handmade and time is taken to ensure only the very best pieces enter my shop. Each is a masterpiece.


Each piece is birthed in fire. To acheive the rich colouring and swirls the delicate vessel is literally burnt amongst carefully chosen combustible materials for a number of hours. The fuels are selected for their mineral content that impart soft yet striking colours to form a patina over the vessel during the firing. Copper oxide might give delicate blushes of pink while the smoke itself creates a striking black contrast to the light clay body.


This romantic firing technique creates absolutely individual effects on each ceramic piece, and cannot be predicted or repeated.


Each piece is a wonderful surprise and would make the perfect gift for someone special.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 28 cm