dimentions: (H) 310mm x (D) 240mm

Hand thrown from black earthenware clay, with hand painted designs.  Fired to 1168c and glazed on the inside, so it could be used as a vase if desired, but is better suited as a striking display piece.

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This vibrant contemporary ceramic vessel expresses a very personal story.

It captures the endless possibility of idyllic childhood. A young Girl feels the sun on her skin and the wind in her hair, pointing off into the distance. Birds swoop above her. The yellow of the base and neck create a perfect foil for the delicate blue. The sun creates a striking visual focal point

It’s a striking vessel and would create a strong statement in any modern house or office. Inspired by a young girl’s strength beyond her years and her life journey in the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa.

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Dimensions 24 × 24 × 31 cm